Pressure Calibrator / Digital Pressure Gauge from -1 to 700 bar

Deskripsi Produk

Digital Pressure Gauge mengadopsi micro power components and unique software processing technology. Mengadopsi daya baterai Li, itu bisa bekerja 24 jam terus menerus selama 2 tahun. Dengan layar kristal besar 5 digit, data bisa ditampilkan lebih jelas.

Produk ini telah digunakan dalam industries of power, chemical, petrol & gas, metallurgy, metering, etc.

,Technical specification
◆ Accuracy: ±0.05%F.S, ±0.1%F.S, ±0.2%F.S, ±0.5%F.S.
◆ Units kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm²,bar,mbar,mmH2O,mmHg,MPa .
◆ Temperature compensating range(0-50)℃
◆ Range: (-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar,(any range within this two range).
◆ Display: 5 digits with 14mm character height.
◆ Connection:M20*1.5, or 1/4”NPT male thread(or customized)
◆ Dimensions:Φ92.6mm×41mm.Weight:0.5kg.Height:133mm

◆ Low Power Consumption: 1pc disposable 3.6Vdc Lithium battery.
◆ 5-digit big LCD with backlight function
◆ 9 Pressure Units selectable
◆ Zero point, full scale calibration function
◆ Adopting the special software treatment technology, it is unnecessary to preheat.
◆ RS232 Communication Port can communicate with the computer conveniently.
◆ Temperature compensating
◆ Overload alarm function
◆ % indication with bar graph scale for visual regerence
◆ Stainless steel bottom connection for robustness

Pemilihan Pressure comparator dan Pressure Calibrator

  • Digital Pressure Gauge, Pressure range::(-1 to 0)bar, (0 to 2500)bar
  • Intelligent Pressure Calibrator, Pressure range::(-1-0)bar, (0-700)bar
  • Automatic Pressure Calibrator, Pressure range: Differential (-1 to 1)bar
    Gauge pressure (-0.1 to 1)bar, (-0.95 to 25)bar
  • Vacuum Comparator untuk mengkalibrasi Vacuum dan Differential Pressure

  • Pneumatic Comparator untuk mengkalibrasi range (-0.95 to 40/60)bar
  • Pneumatic Comparator, Pressure Range: (-0.95 to 60) bar;
  • Pneumatic Comparator untuk mengkalibrasi range (-0.95 to 140)bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, Pressure Range: (0 to 600 bar, (0 to 700) bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, Pressure Range: (0 to 600) bar; (0 to 700) bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, pressure range: (0 to 600)bar, (0 to 700)bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, pressure range: (0 to 600)bar, (0 to 700)bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, range:(0 to 1000)bar, (0 to 1200)bar; (0 to 1400)bar
  • Hydraulic Comparator, pressure range:(0 to 1600)bar, (0 to 2500)bar

  • Electric Pressure Comparator, (-0.95 to 0)bar, 25bar, 60bar, 600bar
  • Sphygmomanometer Calibrator, pressure range:(0 to 40)kPa/(0 to 300mmHg)
  • NIBP Sphygomanometer Calibrator, pressure:(0 to 60)kPa/(0 to 450mmHg)




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