Hydraulic Pressure Comparator 600 bar, 2500 bar

Hydraulic Comparator
◆ Generated pressure range:(0~1600)bar, (0~2500)bar
◆ Working media:25#Transformer oil
◆ Adjust resolution: 10mbar

Product Description
Hydraulic High Pressure Comparison Pump
is generated pressure up to 2500bar to calibrate high pressure instruments against a standard gauge. It is fitted with hand pump which could quickly pressurize to the whole system; perfectly integrated operation of hand pump& Booster helps user to accomplish high pressure points calibration, closing Shut off valve during pre- pressurizing 250bar in order to get high pressure ranges. The lead screw adjusts the exact pressure values in the process. A specially designed transparent oil cup marks the balance of working medium. It widely calibrates pressure gauges in the laboratory.

Technology Specification
◆ Generated pressure range:(0~1600)bar; (0~2500)bar
◆ Working media:25#Transformer oil
◆ Adjust resolution: 10mbar
◆ Material: Body:Stainless Steel/Aluminium
Output part:stainless steel
◆ Output interface connection:M20×1.5Female
◆ Weight:25kg
◆ Dimensions:570L×490W×195H (mm)
◆ Package:Plywood case

Hydraulic Pressure Comparator provides pressure measurement for calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge and other pressure instruments.
It can be extensively used in power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, military industry, etc.

◆ It has secondary oil filter and a settler. The waste oil can be filtered by this duplex tank.
◆ Stainless steel and easy operation
◆ The  transparent oil cup could marks the balance of working medium

Pemilihan Pressure comparator dan Pressure Calibrator

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