Force (Load Cell) Calibrator


BestLab JL-2008 portable high-precision load detection system is special used for calibration and checking the JL-2008 Portable Force Calibratoraccuracy of testing machine base on variety of collection system, adopted the newest advanced technology.

This Calibration System is special used for National reference laboratory, Calibration and Testing Laboratory, Quality Control of manufacturer transducer.

This system include USB collector transducer, notebook computer and software.feature as below:

  1. BestLab JL-2008 adopted the newest display technology of  OLED module, double CPU, one CPU is for USB data transmission,transfer rate is 12MBPS.It is 10 times base on other serial port.the other CPU integrate  24-bit AD, can collect the data from 02 transducer at the same time.
  2. BestLab JL-2008 can connect with 50 pcs of  transducer with difference range, every transducer can directly connect internet for downloading calibration factor and never lost.
  3. The software is very easy to use.accord with habit of calibration and testing personnel, can automatic record the graph, measuring load speed, automatic estimate the testing result,automatic, make report and can been download and can been update.
  4. BestLab JL-2008 USB serial interface can automatically send and received data 、bit stuffing、bit stuffing、CRC check and so on base on USB agreement,change system is more easy, can process monitoring, warning, record, print/

Technical parameter
indicating accuracy         :≤±0.3%  
indication  repeatability :≤0.3%     temperature coefficient:10PPM

Order Information
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WA: 087822733440

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